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with a net

A collection, system, web ste, or association (formal or informal) of individuals or organizations that shae the same interests, exchange information or provide support to strengthen one another; as in a network of professionals, a social network.

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  • Allison | Copywriter & Account Manager
    Allison left the island of Sri Lanka at nineteen in search of shorter sentences and the American Dream. Equipped with an English degree from Whittier College, and a knack for generating buzz, she has spent almost a decade marketing luxury goods and services to the movers and shakers of Los Angeles. Having recently teamed up again with her former mentor – with a net 's leader, Armella -- Allison provides big ideas, savvy marketing copy and expert project management. All this while leaving a trail of crumbs at gourmet patisseries around Los Angeles.

  • Allison@withanet.com